Fragment of ‘Madura’ by Habitat & the V&A;

“The more possessive we are of our things, the more possessed we are…”
Prasad Boradkar, in ‘Designing Things’.

“The more you remember something the less accurate the memory becomes.” from Proust Was a Neuroscientist By Jonah Lehrer.

A photograph reprinted as a digital textile print becomes a palimpsest. A trace of the original remains, observed through layers of process and time. The trace of the personal can be observed in the surfaces which have been touched by the hand, and in the action of the camera observing as the eye. Fragments of clarity; focus and blur, traces of what you think you remember.

Stuck behind the restraints of using a pattern which is not my own, I have felt reluctant and overwhelmed. I began with the intentions of exploring how pattern can have a depth of meaning and fascination beyond that of simple decoration, however, the obsessive nature of living with one pattern is becoming restrictive and unproductive….TBC