“The metaphors of the book are metaphors of containment, of exteriority and interiority, of surface and depth, of covering and exposure, of taking apart and putting together.”

From Susan Stewart, On Longing (USA: Duke University Press, 2007) p.37

“…photographs are handled, caressed, stroked, kissed, torn, wept over, lamented over, talked to, talked about and sung to in ways that blur the distinction between person, index and thing.”

From J J Long, Andrea Noble, Edward Welch (ed.) Photography, Theoretical Snapshots (Oxon: Routledge, 2009) p.33

“That which is, is determined by that in which it is contained-by that which envelops it, envelops its existence.”

From Luce Irigaray, An Ethics of Sexual Difference (UK: The Athlone Press Ltd, 1993) p.76