Second-Hand Narrative…?
Family Heirloom Vs the ‘Found’Object…?

“…postmemory is the inheritance of past events or experinces that are still being worked through. Postmemory carries an obligation to continue that process of working through or over the event or experience and is not yet a process of reply.”

from Joan Gibbons, Contemporary Art and Memory, Images of Recollection and Remembrance, (London; I.B Tauris &Co. Ltd, 2009) p.73

“…meanings are invisible, attached only through stories.”

from Susan Digby, The Casket of Magic:Home and Identity from Salvaged Objects in Home Cultures Vol.3 No.2 (July 2006) unpaginated

“In a world of identical goods, the authenticity of an individual product can only exist in the unique stories it collects through its journey… These stories become the objects aura, its overvaluation, and its fetish.”

from Prasad Boradkar, Designing Things: a Critical Introduction to the Culture of Objects (Oxford: Berg, 2010) p.270

“The material available for collection comes to us from the Other, essentially different and distant, but we will turn it into sensible Sameness by interpreting it in the light of understood parameters.”

Susan M. Pearce, On Collecting (London: Routledge, 1995)

“…we have in a photograph surrogate possession of a cherished person or thing, a possession which gives photographs some of the character of unique objects.”

from Susan Sontag, On Photography (London; Penguin Books Ltd, 1979) p.155

“A photograph can certainly throw you off the scent. You will get nowhere, for instance, by taking a magnifying glass to it to get a closer look: you will see only patches of light and dark, an unreadable mesh of grains. The image yields nothing to that sort of scrutiny; it simply disappears.”

Annette Kuhn in Liz Wells (Ed.), The Photography Reader (UK; Routledge, 2002) p.395

I have been making handmade paper from recycled envelopes, and using photographic imagery to explore my themes of second hand narratives, and family objects.

“That which is, is determined by that in which it is contained-by that which envelops it, envelops its existence.”

Irigaray, Luce, An Ethics of Sexual Difference, (UK: The Athlone Press Ltd, 1993) p.76

“She [photography] is the sworn witness of everything presented to her view… (her studies are ‘facts’)… facts which are neither the province of art nor of description, but of that new form of communication between man and man – neither letter, message, nor picture –which now happily fills up the space between them.” Lady Eastlake

Wells, Liz (ed.) Photography, A Critical Introduction (London: Routledge, 2004) p.23

“…photographs are handled, caressed, stroked, kissed, torn, wept over, lamented over, talked to, talked about and sung to in ways that blur the distinction between person, index and thing.”

Long, J J., Noble, Andrea, Welch, Edward, (ed.) Photography, Theoretical Snapshots (Oxon: Routledge, 2009) p.33

With this in mind, I will consider ways of displaying my images in such as way that they can be touched, caressed and explored through their materiality as well as their imagery…