Throughout my degree I explored many themes and crossed the boundaries between Fine Art and Design, which subsequently led me into recieving my degree in Surface Pattern Design (Textiles for Interiors). The following work was produced as design work for my Final Major Project 2009.

Artists Statement

My work is concerned with the combination of old and new; traditional hand skill vs technology. I am fascinated by objects which contain evidence of hand traditions, whilst embracing technology, simultaneously referencing the past, and future of craft; hybrid practices.

My interests lie in digital textiles print and laser engraving, combined with traditional screen print, needle punch, and hand manipulation, specifically American smocking.

The wrought ironwork gallery at the V&A has inspired this body of work. The hand formed metal provided an unlimited resource to draw upon. I have been looking at translating this aesthetic into a range of fabrics combining my love of print and the embellished, manipulated surface. I have become specifically interested in the idea of the ‘sewing chair’. I have always had a fascination with chairs; their beauty as objects and the way in which people interact with them. I love the notion that the chairs have been carefully crafted, and may be used for comfort whilst another craft activity takes place.