Elana Herzog Civilization and its Discontents 2003

“These carpets, which vary so dramatically in quality and condition are to be found in every imaginable corner of our society, from the garbage heap to the museum, and of course, at Wal-Mart. They run the gamut of production and use values, employ various technologies and embody a range of motivations, from spiritual to economic.” from http://www.elanaherzog.com/pages/projects/11i.html

Elana Herzog W(e)ave, 2007 detail

Elana Herzog W(e)ave, 2007

“We(a)ve is a collaboration with sound artist Michael Schumacher. It incorporates three chenille bedspreads which have been fragmented and then “woven”, using metal staples, into walls that were designed for the installation. Stapled to the walls and then partially torn away, the patterned fabric evokes the eroded remnants of architectural motifs. Michael Schumacher distributes twelve speakers around the perimeter of the gallery, and programs both recorded and electronically generated sound so that it moves throughout the room, combining and recombining elements at continually shifting intervals. We(a)ve makes use of found sound and imagery, fragmenting and reorganizing them in within the architectural space of the installation.” from http://www.elanaherzog.com/pages/projects/08.html