Rooting through a box of old family albums, I came across an album of postcards, there were some beautiful examples of hand coloured postcards, and tokens from the war…

“I have nothing to tell you, save that it is to you that I tell this nothing”

From Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse, (London: Vintage, 2002)

Some of them were fabulously dated, and very funny…

“In the postcards, small stories inhabit small spaces but are not contained by them…” p.81

“…the postcard shows loose, spontaneous, involved and fragmented qualities that are more characteristic of the spoken word than of writing (Carter 2004:57-8). p.83

from Annebella Pollen, Sweet Nothings: Suggestive Brighton Postcard Inscriptions, Photography Culture, Vol. 2, No.1, (March 2009)

“They are orphans, severed from the direct contexts of personal meaning for which they were intended…We can only weave our own stories around them, not theirs.” Elizabeth Edwards p.26

From Tom Phillips, We Are The People; Postcards from the Collection of Tom Phillips (UK: National Portrait Gallery Publications, 2004)