“To reminisce and woolgather is negative. You have to differentiate between memories. Are you going to them or are they coming to you. If you are going to them, you are wasting time. Nostalgia is not productive.”

Louise Bourgois in Joan Gibbons, Contemporary Art and Memory, Images of Recollection and Remembrance, (London; I.B Tauris &Co. Ltd, 2009)p.17

Do Not Abandon Me, Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois;

I saw this exhibition recently in Bristol. It was very understated in presentation, but the combined thought process and resulting prints were beautiful in their execution. I am always drawn to Emin’s prints, her drawing style, and the use of text, and it was fascinating to see her interpret and draw parallels between themes in her own work, and that of Bourgeois’s. I was interested in her statement;

‘I carried the images around the world with me from Australia to France, but I was too scared to touch them’. Emin

The value she gave the work of her colleague at times almost held her back from intervening; despite it being half finished, and collaboration being its intention.