“The anthropic aura of utilitarian ceramic objects is not, of course, contingent upon our knowledge of the specific owners and users of those objects. It accrues to those objects simply when we perceive (or even when we falsely assume) that they have been used by some person in the ordinary course of life. But the anthropic aura does not conjure this unknown person without also stressing his or her absence, since the lips that once met the rim of a mug or the fingers that used to curl around a handle are nowhere to be seen.”

“Both life and art weave allusions around the objects, although in the end the viewer is equally conscious of the absence of those hands that once held the cups at a dinner table and the hand of the artist who set the objects in their present arrangement.”

from Glen R. Brown, The Anthropic Aura in Ceramics Monthly vol 59 no 6 (June/July/August 2011)