Digital adventures: textile creations by Modern Love‘ exhibition at Cité Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode. (01/18/2015 – 12/31/2015)

“Established in 2010 by illustrator Sarah Arnett and artistic director Kim Hunt, Modern Love contributes to high fashion through creation of top-of-the-range handmade fabrics. Produced in limited series for interior decoration and clothing, the prints- amazing graphics and complex colour schemes are obtained with the help of digital technology.

Sharing the same love of beauty, colour, pattern and design, Modern Love draws its inspiration from the plant and animal world, global cultures, film and geometric graphics.”


Lace Museum Calais Modern Love

“British design studio Modern Love define themselves as “digital settlers”, as applied to a person born and instructed in a non-digital world, but who integrates the use of technologies in their work. The year-long exhibition aims to experiment the possible relations between traditional craft work and digital technologies in the fields of textiles and fashion.”

Lace Museum Calais Modern Love2 Lace Museum Calais Modern Love6

Balenciaga: Magicien De La Dentelle exhibition at the Cite Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais. (18/04/15-31/08/15)












“Kustaa designs surreal wool tapestries for his Hypnopompic exhibition. The designs take inspiration from the state of sensory confusion that exists between sleep and wakefulness, using the visual delusions experienced during this strange period of consciousness to inspire a set of intricate psychedelic tapestries, busy with distorted flora and fauna and ominous looking creatures.” From Hugo and Marie

The following images are taken from It was interesting to see the tapestries in full colour, as the presentation of the work in the exhibition at the Tilberg Textiel Museum was very different. The works were hung in a dimly lit space, enhancing the dream-like nature of the inspiration. The exhibition presentation developed the works atmospheric and mysterious aura.





kustaa Saksi details

Whilst on holiday in the Netherlands we made the time to visit this gem of a gallery in Tilberg! The current exhibition ‘Art Textiles: Picasso to Warhol’ was organised by the Fashion and Textile Museum, London, and was a stunning collection of samples and costumes, beautifully presented and really delightful to wander around!

Tilberg exhibition art textiles 4

Tilberg exhibition art textiles 2

Tilberg exhibition art textiles

Tilberg exhibition art textiles 3

Works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Graham Sutherland, Juan Miro, John Rombola, Margaret Calkin James, Marc Chagall, Marcel Vertes, Salvador Dali, Vanessa Bell, Patrick Heron.

alexandra kehayoglou 2

pastizal-alexandra kehayoglou

haf growing jewellery






Missoni runway 2014. Plus the gorgeous Bokja Bug, won by Angela Missoni at auction for the Children of Haiti through Fondazione Francesca Rava, N.P.H. Italia Onlus. “Salvaged from Beirut’s streets, Bug was resurrected by the Bokja Girls into a burst of colour, textiles and life and fast embodied the girl’s ethos and philosophy of the (re)discovery of old character’s lives and memories through fabric.”

Bokja Bug owned by Angela Missoni

FLYER opening

I am very pleased to be exhibiting, once again, at Fringe Arts Bath! This year, as part of photography exhibition; ‘Timeslip.’

“By definition, all art involving a camera is an encounter with time … whether time coagulated by slow exposure or chopped into unimaginably thin slices, time frozen, time layered, time imagined, time dreamt, time defied.” Geoff Dunlop,






The exhibition runs from Saturday 24th May to Sunday 8th June 2014 at 34 Stall Street, Bath.

Lara Quint

Lara Quint, Spring/Summer 2014

Van Gogh Still-Life--Vase-with-Fifteen-Sunflowers

Van Gogh Still-Life--Vase-with-Roses

Van Gogh Wheat-Field-with-Cypresses-(1889)

Elana Herzog Civilization and its Discontents 2003

“These carpets, which vary so dramatically in quality and condition are to be found in every imaginable corner of our society, from the garbage heap to the museum, and of course, at Wal-Mart. They run the gamut of production and use values, employ various technologies and embody a range of motivations, from spiritual to economic.” from

Elana Herzog W(e)ave, 2007 detail

Elana Herzog W(e)ave, 2007

“We(a)ve is a collaboration with sound artist Michael Schumacher. It incorporates three chenille bedspreads which have been fragmented and then “woven”, using metal staples, into walls that were designed for the installation. Stapled to the walls and then partially torn away, the patterned fabric evokes the eroded remnants of architectural motifs. Michael Schumacher distributes twelve speakers around the perimeter of the gallery, and programs both recorded and electronically generated sound so that it moves throughout the room, combining and recombining elements at continually shifting intervals. We(a)ve makes use of found sound and imagery, fragmenting and reorganizing them in within the architectural space of the installation.” from

Beautiful delicate imagery painted onto garments by Emilie Faif.

Emilie Faif

Emilie Faif Clothing Landscapes Impressions on Clothing Isabel Marant 2006 2Emilie Faif Clothing Landscapes Impressions on Clothing Isabel Marant 2006 3

Emilie Faif Clothing Landscapes Impressions on Clothing Isabel Marant 2006 detail 1

Emilie Faif Clothing Landscapes Impressions on Clothing Isabel Marant 2006 detail

emilie faif Clothing Landscapes Impressions on Clothing Isabel Marant 2006